Spartanburg-based Band Quarterfly Worth A Listen

Quarterfly - Addiction Sampler
Quarterfly - Addiction Sampler Cover

Have you been taking advantage of these free online deals lately?  You probably didn’t expect an opener like that after reading the headline about a rock band.  There is a point, I promise.  I happened upon a website called  They have a freebie section.  Several of the freebies are MP3 music downloads from  Sidenote: If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Cloud Drive/Player yet, you need to.  It’s cheap and easy(Find out more here). Most of the freebie MP3s available are for bands you have probably never heard of.  One of those freebies I encountered today is a band called Quarterfly.  This MP3 “album” is actually a sampler titled “Addiction Sampler” .  From top to bottom, the music is good and the lyrics are powerful.  When I first heard the lead vocals, I had to do a double-take (or the listening equivalent of that).  The vocals had a strong resemblance to Fuel‘s Brett Scallions.  That’s a complement to Quarterfly as Fuel is another southern-based band with a successful background and one of my favorites.  Quarterfly recently released a CD earlier in 2011 titled Do You Believe  of which I intend to purchase.  So, download the freebie sampler and give them a listen.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.